Formations intensives en sciences sociales

Pondichéry (Inde), Karachi (Pakistan)

Social Sciences Winter Schools in South Asia

The Social Sciences Winter School in Pondicherry (SSWSP) is an Indo-French cooperation that has been designed as a programme of intensive and multidisciplinary training workshops addressing theoretical and methodological issues in social sciences research. Started in 2014 in Pondicherry, these events provide each and everyone with the opportunity of sharing experiences and research ideas. The training runs through five consecutive days and is articulated around two poles: the plenary sessions and the methodological workshops. From 2022, and two years of health crisis that prevented the event from being held, the main organisers decided to extend this training scheme to other South Asian countries, such as Pakistan and Nepal.

Bangkok (Thaïlande) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaisie)

IRASEC Doctoral Winter Schools in Social Sciences and Humanities

The Research Institute of Contemporary Southeast Asia (IRASEC) organises an annual winter school in the social sciences and humanities, in collaboration with a range of European and Southeast Asian universities and research centers. The purpose of these workshops is to stimulate discourse and exchange regarding research on Southeast Asia within the scope of social sciences and humanities. IRASEC’s winter schools are designed to endorse comparative and regional research methodologies, facilitate the interaction of students, and promote co-tutorship and co-supervision of dissertations for early-career researchers in Southeast Asia, particularly those who exhibit an interest in continuing their studies in France. In 2023, the IRASEC winter school will be dedicated to migration in Southeast Asia.

Urban Theories Across Borders (UTAB)

Urban Theories Across Borders (UTAB) is a recurring intensive training for early career researchers who aim to pursue knowledge production about cities and urbanisation in Southeast Asia, with a grounding in the social sciences. UTAB helps the students in three domains: A. engage with the most recent debates in the urban studies field ; B. produce fieldwork-based urban research ; C. learn and apply key methodological tools for writing a sound PhD dissertation. Each edition of the UTAB doctoral school develops a research theme, through which these broad research questions can be addressed. UTAB 2022 focused on comparisons of cities in Southeast Asia and beyond. Our next edition, UTAB 2024, will look at the ordinary city.

Lieux variables, Inde-France

Les Ateliers Jeunes Chercheurs en Sciences Sociales en Inde (AJEI)

La tenue annuelle depuis 1998 des Ateliers Jeunes Chercheurs en Sciences Sociales, organisés par l’Association Jeunes Études Indiennes (AJEI), a permis de créer de manière incontestable un lieu mobile d’interdisciplinarité, favorisant la rencontre entre des chercheurs d’horizons différents, et suscitant des échanges fructueux, tant aux niveaux institutionnel que scientifique. Ces ateliers se déroulent chaque année dans un lieu différent ou en mode hybride. Ces ateliers s’adressent autant aux masterants qu’aux doctorants.

Kathmandu, Nepal


PhotoKTM creates conversations between the city, its public, its past, and its aspirations. The festival invites photographers and other practitioners who engage with or through the visual medium to develop, showcase and participate in an exhibition program, workshops and symposia, a residency, an incubator program for practitioners from across South Asia, a local arts education program for young people in the city, and various collaborative pop-up events among other core and collateral programming. PhotoKTM is committed to the visual, to the public, to history as well as to contemporary practice in all its plurality, to artistic, political and ideological expressions and actions that disrupt and resist but also repair, and to creating time and space to come together to describe the world, and discuss the world with shared concern and agency.

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